I’m this.xor.that and I’m a creative coder based in Brooklyn. This site shares the art I’ve created using code.

I’m also Jessica Stringham and a machine learning engineer, but that’s mostly over here.

I’m interested in using live elements and odd interfaces (midi controllers, livecoding, heart rate monitors), harvesting programming bugs to inspire other art, and using human-sized data with machine learning techniques.

My current projects are created using software I write in Rust using nannou and wgpu.


events and projects


This section roughly organizes some work by the systems used to create them.

The systems are always evolving, splitting, and blending into one another. But I wanted to start collecting information about some of the ones I keep coming back to!

unitcells dynamic instances
livecode performing visuals live
kernels convolving with parameters
ash plant cells
dither exploration in dithering
cream cheese using statistical learning to generate textures
oscilloscope livecoding sine waves
riso layered noise inspired by riso printing
substations funny physics and recursive grids
leave growing leaf pattern
flow fluid mechanics simulation