Sometimes I use generative art to create SVGs that I can pen plot or vinyl cut or laser cut (when I have access to a laser cutter.)

Here’s a collection of some things I’ve created with my pen plotter and vinyl cutter.


These cards are based on the system ceramic. This is a second variation I did in February 2024 for Plot Party.


One of the early applications of the unit cells system was pen plotting! Because I couldn’t rely on variation over time, I needed a way to make variations over space.


Some gel pens dracing out an algorithm loosely based on Anni Albers’ Intersecting woven textile.


A combination of unitcells and a work-in-progress swirls system.


One of my first pen plotted pieces from July 2023 based on substations.


The ash was one of the first where I thought I could use the vinyl cutter.