Electric Abyss

Dec 8 2023

I performed visuals for a full three acts of modular synth show.

I created a new audio-reactive system for each act and modified them live.

The first act was based around fractal noise I had options to threshold the noise and then use that as part of a feedback loop that was distorted by noise.

The second act was a variation of unitcells using textures. This one’s really fun to play with: the repeating patterns mean that almost any variation looks interesting.

The last act was for a heavier show, so I stuck with a dithered monochromatic grid of unitcells that I could modify live, like with domain warping or different patterns.

Overall, it was an ambitious night for me to create and perform three new visuals. I think it went quite well, with a few learnings (e.g. Ideally make sure to set up in a place I can see the visuals without straining even when the room gets packed. Smoke machines can mess with projections.)